HandMADE Quality


My Ginspiration

I love playing with the flavour combinations and some have worked better than others! You can't beat a Eureka moment when it all comes together and the combinations work brilliantly.

All of the Cordials are made in the From Dorset With Love Kitchen  5 star rated food prep kitchen,

all of the fruits and spices are prepared by me, cooked by me and bottled and labelled by, you guessed it, by myself!

About what I do

Where its made

Handmade cordials

I have done lots of research and found that, in prohibition times fruit cordials and syrups were used to add flavour to the hard liquor being drunk, this was my ginspiration for Ginger Viking Cordials.

I started off making the fruit mixers for gin, of which I am a huge fan, to see what  combinations would work and enhance the gin flavours, and I haven't stopped experimenting since.

The helmet is always worn when making the Cordials

Cordials have been made for hundreds of years and mine are made in the same traditional way.  Sugar, water and lots of vibrant flavours from the fresh ingredients I use. These delicious cordials compliment wines, punches, spirits and especially GIN .