Lemon and Mint

This is my tasty alternative for bitter lemon. Made with red grapefruit and white grapefruit with a secret couple of ingredients great with all gins and breakfast,


Rhubarb and Vanilla

The very first and the gingery of all my Cordials.

A strong ginger taste that's great with a whisky, strong gin and vodka, makes the nicest Moscow mule.

New flavour Pomegrante sweet bright

very tasty, this works with gin like you

wouldnt believe.

the natural sweetness of pomegranate is balenced perfectly with lemon and limes adding a natural bitterness that doesnt over power and of the fruits in this cordial.

Simply classic flavour that cant go wrong.

Lemon and ginger and in that order you find this has a very clean citrus sweet taste with a hint of ginger in the background

Spiced Orange

This is my cheeky winter styled fresh Spiced Orange.

Tastes amazing my favourite tastes great with everything you will love this on bonfire night and the whole year.

Another of my favourites takes me back to the old fashioned sweet shop.

I made this for gin originally and it has been my friends and family favourites, especially my sons and daughter, they dont have it with gin though!

Lemon and Ginger

Last but by no means least 

(and not the last to be made


You could say the perfect pre

mixer for a mojito or a great

refreshing long drink, strong

and very individual its the sneaky

one that really works everywhere

The technical one.This has taken months to perfect and its pretty


The very seasonal cordial to make. Made with real elderflowers and

real lemons, perfect with wine, champers or on its own,

HandMADE Quality


and lemon

Ginger and Lime


Delicate Rose  tones with a a punchy lemon hit. Imagine Turkish delight with a lemon sour rush, perfect with a Prosecco  and light flavoured gins or just with soda water. Perfectly pink.

Rose and Lemon